Best Practice Profiles and Process Innovations From Leaders in Driving Frontline Performance and Go-to-Market Excellence.

"Competitive Gain in the Demand Chain" aims to overcome multiple points of disruption, distress and deficiency in this critical business process, and in doing so to achieve the creation of value and competitive advantage for any consumer or business marketer.

White Papers

  • The #1 Way to Enable Greater Market Success
    A great gotomarket strategy, poorly executed, is destined to fall short of expected results. Geoffrey Moore’s book, Crossing the Chasm, is one of the best strategy books ever on how to market and sell both disruptive and continuous innovation via the Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC). There is no doubt that those who implement Moore’s concepts and frameworks are much more successful. There is also a lot of agreement that a greatstrategy is necessary but not sufficient. Read more »
  • Outsourcing the Marketing Supply Chain
    All organizations have a supply chain that produces marketing (print. promotional products and point of sale) materials to market their products and services. The Marketing Supply Chain is often comprised of numerous partners inside and outside of the organization - such as brand managers, marketing services, agencies, direct sales teams, buyers, printers, fulfillment houses and many others - all interconnected through often very complex relationships with little to no measurement in efficiency. Read more »
  • What Every CMO Needs to Know about Sponsorship
    A best practice sponsor will take an entirely different approach to selection, negotiation, and leverage. They will take an approach that is anchored in the mindset of win-win-win – you win, your partner wins, and the target market wins. How? Not by entering a contest they know they’re not going to win. Read more »
  • The Marketing Supply Chain
    In this presentation, Bob Liodice identifies the current weaknesses in the marketing supply chain and the many changes that will effect the advertiser, the agency and the media. He outlines the importance of a universal coding standard and outlines steps to make your organization more accountable and profitable. Read more »
  • Integrated Sales and Marketing for Consumer Products Companies
    In this Whitepaper, explore how consumer products executives are gaining actionable market intelligence and clear visibility into all aspects of the enterprise, its suppliers, and customers to execute brand strategies efficiently at the shelf level. The key to their success is: an integrated sales and marketing approach. Read more »
  • Optimizing Your Marketing Mix in a Down Economy
    In today's economy, online marketers are challenged more than ever to maximize the return on spend in light of shrinking budgets, and an increasing array of marketing opportunities. To be successful, marketers need to allocate their resources across programs that drive their acquisition, conversion and retention goals. It is critical that marketers in online businesses obtain not only clear end-to-end visibility into the performance of any campaign individually, but also a comprehensive understanding of visitor behavior across all their campaigns and programs together. Read this white paper to learn how marketing analytics provides comprehensive insight and can help ensure that you make the best possible decisions for your business. Read more »


Inventory management will probably be the biggest challenge facing discretionary-focused retailers for the next few years.
Effective inventory management and improved store-level performance have helped the company sustain the downturn and achieve improved sales and profit.